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Journal Articles

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Narayanamurthy, G., Gurumurthy, A., Subramanian, N. & Moser, R. (2018) Assessing the readiness to implement lean in healthcare institutions – A case study  International Journal of Production Economics.  
Krishnan, S. (2018) Moderating Effects of Indulgence on Technostress Creators and Technology Assisted Supplemental Work  International Journal of Information Management  
Khan, A., & Krishnan, S (2018) Social Media Enabled E-participation: Review and Agenda for Future Research  e-Service Journal, Vol.10, Issue (2)  pp.45-75
Bhagyanathan, A., Kasthurba, A.K., Thampi, S.G. & Dhayanithy, D. (2018) Terrain attributes of sacred grove locations point towards conscious spatial delineation  Current Science, Vol.114(5).  
Purani, K., & Kumar, D. S. (2018) Exploring Restorative Potential of Biophilic Servicescapes  Journal of Services Marketing  
Venugopal, A., Krishnan, T. N., & Kumar, M. (2018) Identifying the focal role of top management paradoxical cognition in ambidextrous firms  Management Decision, Vol. 56, Issue 1  pp.47-63
Sajan, J., Sridharan, R., & Ram Kumar, P.N. (2018) Reverse logistics network design: A case of mobile phones and digital cameras,  International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol.94:  pp. 615 – 631
Sajan, J., Sridharan, R., Ram Kumar, P.N., & Krishnamoorthy, M. (2018) Multi-Period Reverse Logistics Network Design for Used Refrigerators  Applied Mathematical Modeling, Vol.54:  pp. 311-331
Shette, R., & Kuntluru, S. (2018) Readability of Initial Public offering Prospects and Earnings Performance,  International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues, Vol. 8(3):  pp. 68-74.
Venkatachalam, L. & Balooni, K. (2018) Payment for Ecosystem Services to Sustain Kudimaramathu in Tamil Nadu  Economic & Political Weekly, Vol.53, Isuue 6:  pp.21-23
Mukherjee, S. & Banerjee, S. (2018) Implications of trade policies in segmented factor markets: A general equilibrium approach  Theoretical Economics Letters, Vol.8, Issue 5:  
Singh, M., Pandey,J., Sohani,S., Jha, J., & Varkkey, B. (2018) Job Points Model  Indian Journal of Industrial Relations,, Vol. 53(4):   pp.711-716
Hota, P. K., & Mitra, S. (2018) International orientation and business group performance: moderating role of product diversification (evidence from India).  International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets, Vol.10(1):  pp.39-56.
Rastogi, A., Pati, S. P., Krishnan, T. N., & Krishnan, S. (2018) Causes, Contingencies, and Consequences of Disengagement at Work: An Integrative Literature Review,  Human Resource Development Review, Vol.17, issue (1)  pp.62-94.
Sethi, D. (2018) Patients Impression of Doctors’ Nonverbal Communication with reference to the use of Artifactics  English for Specific Purposes World, Vol.55(20).  
Narayan, S. (2018) Anti-Money Laundering Law in India: A Glocalization Model  Statute Law Review  pp.0-12
Sethi, D. (2018) Developing Active Learning Style: A Comprehensive Framework for Faculty Development Programme  nternational Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research, , Vol.16(2).  
Sethi, D. (2018) Using Robert Frosts Mending Wall to Teach Overcoming Barriers to Communication  Language in India, Vol.18(4).  

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